The Polka Brothers are a four man band of young polka lovers, out to spread the joy of polka, one wild party at a time. They’re a well-oiled polka machine, boasting a fearless repertoire that includes classic polka favorites, pop and rock gone polka, and unforgettable originals. They love hooking the audience in with lively polka covers of songs they already know, rocking it on a traditional polka they may not, and taking it home with a fun original they’ll be singing for the rest of the evening – at least…

At first listen, the seemingly foreign tone of the music transports listeners to familiar polka homelands; Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and others… You’ve stepped out of your day and taken that trip you’ve always dreamed of. With “The Polka Brothers” guests are singing today’s homeland melodies; Aerosmith, Weezer, Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones etc. So grab a beer, sing along and experience the meaning of the old adage “No one ever leaves a polka party without a smile on their face.”

…fun, humoresque, thought provoking, and did I say FUN?!!! Now I’m glad to share them with others too!!!”
   - Wild Wilson, The Wild Wilson Variety Show

“The Polka Brothers were fantastic!! They were accommodating, talented, funny and definitely kept the party going. I realize that their biggest draw is obviously the Oktoberfest season, but I would go out on limb and tell you that these guys are great for any event anytime of the year!! We had a great time getting to know them, dancing, raising our glass multiple times in the spirit of the season and are looking forward to booking them again next year.”
   -Bradley B

“Always interested and respectful of the roots and traditions of polka music THE POLKA BROTHERS of NYC are energetic and entertaining, sometimes taking POLKA two steps over the line….but that just may be the bridge to the survival and future of polkas.” 
  - NY Polka Bob, The NY Polka Bob Radio Show:
Polkas, Ukrainian Melodies & More

“The Polka Brothers always bring such energy and enthusiasm when they play, and it is contagious. From staff to managers to customers alike, The Polka Brothers performances are always anticipated week after week.“
- Kelly T, Manager Hofbrau Beirhaus NYC